September 2017 Council Meeting

16th/17th September 2017

Saturday 16 September 2017
Auckland Council Albany Service Centre
30 Kell Drive, Albany

Sunday 17 September 2017
The Front Room Where Koa Community House
141 Robertson Road, Mangere

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03/08/17 NEWSFLASH: Meeting Cancelled.
Council is pleased to advise that 11 of those members calling for the SGM have contacted Council to advise they confirm withdrawal of their request. On that basis, Council will cancel the SGM and all bookings made in its preparation.

13th August 2017

Freemans Bay Community Hall Function Room
52 Hepburn Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland

SGM Agenda Password Protected. Same password as 2017 AGM Remits file.
SGM proxy form

2017 annual general meetinG / july 2017 council meeting

15th/16th July 2017

Commodore Airport Hotel
449 Memorial Ave, Burnside, Christchurch 8053
PH: 03 358 8129

Council Meeting - 9am Start on the 15th
AGM - 11:30am start on the 16th

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Download: July Council Meeting Agenda
Download: 2017 Remits (Password protected. 2017 AGM remits file password)
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Download: Form - Proxy Voting Return to: Miss N M Leslie / Box 20343 / Bishopdale / Christchurch 8053. Proxy forms must be post dated 7 days Prior to AGM.
Download: July 2017 Council Meeting Minutes (Password protected. 2016-2017 season password)
Download: 2017 AGM Minutes (Password protected. 2016-2017 season password)
Download: Redacted account transactions (Password protected. 2016-2017 season password)

Contact any council member for the passwords to the above files.

April 2017 Council Meeting

8th and 9th April 2017
Willis Wellington Hotel
355 Willis Street, Wellington
Saturday 10.00am start

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December 2016 Council Meeting

3rd and 4th December 2016
Jet Park Hotel, Auckland
Saturday 10.00am start

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September 2016 Council Meeting

10/11 September 2016
Commodore Hotel, Christchurch
Saturday 10.00am start

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2016 annual general meetinG / july 2016 council meeting

30th and 31st July 2016
Brentwood Hotel 16 Kemp Street, Kilbirne, Wellington

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Download: 2016 Accounts (Password protected. Contact any council member for the password)
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Download: Agenda (Council Meeting)
Download: July Council Meeting minutes (Password protected. 2015-2016 season password)
Download: 2016 AGM Minutes (Password protected. 2015-2016 season password)

Remit results (added 03/08/2016)

After a couple of members queried the remit percentages, Council has reviewed all of the remit votes to make sure that the percentages were correct. This review identified that the incorrect calculation had in fact been used and now two additional remits have passed.

The remits that have passed with their percentage passes are as follows:

Remit Title For Against %
2 Part A - Council of Management Article 10-1 104 13 88.9%
3 Part B - B04 Speciality Halter Classes 90 24 78.9%
24 Part A - Records Rule 20.2b 82 24 77.4%
29 Part B - G03.03 Minimum Age of Handlers 91 24 79.1%
31 Part B - N - National Show Rules 94 19 83.2%
32 Part B - Gelding Incentive, Mare Incentive, Futurity Fees 97 17 85.1%
33 Part B - G05 Height Verification - Cat A Foal Height 90 23 79.6%
34 Part A - Registry and Stud Book - Article 25.3,b - Hardship 90 20 81.8%
35 Part B - N - National Show Rules - N4 87 25 77.7%
36 Part B - G04 Definitions 98 17 85.2%

This has been validated with the original results from the Justice of the Peace. Council apologise for any inconvenience caused by the error.

April 2016 Council Meeting

30th April - 1st May
Saturday starts at 10am and Sunday at 9am

Jet Park Hotel & Conference Centre
63 Westney Road
Mangere, Auckland

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Download: Minutes (Password protected. 2015-2016 season password)

December 2015 Council Meeting

12th and 13th December

10am start on Saturday the 12th
9am start on Sunday the 13th

Redwood Hotel
340 Main North Road

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Download: Minutes(Password protected. 2015-2016 season password)

August 2015 Council Meeting

15th - 16th August
10 am start both days

Trinity Hotel
166 Willis Street

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2015 annual general meetinG / july 2015 council meeting

18th/19th July 2015
Jet Park Airport Hotel - 63 Westney Rd, Mangere, Auckland

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Download: Council meeting agenda
Download: A.G.M Minutes (Password protected. 2015-2016 season password)

Remit results (added 23/07/2015): Remits that passed were numbers 8, 11, 14, 18, 19, 27, 30, 34, 35 and 40.

Download: July 2015 Council meeting minutes (Password protected. 2014-2015 season password)

Note: Council accept the Minutes of 18th July 2015 Council Meeting but are unable to confirm them as a true record as no prior council members were present at the August Council Meeting.

April 2015 Council Meeting

25-26 April 2015

Rosebank Winery & Conference Centre
180 Johns Road

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December 2014 Council Meeting

6-7 December 2014

Brentwood Hotel, Wellington
Start time: (Saturday) 10.00am – In Committee
11.00am – Open Meeting

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August 2014 Council Meeting

16-17 August 2014

Jet Park, Auckland

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2014 annual general meetinG / july 2014 council meeting

Download: 2014 AGM Programme
Download: July 2014 Council Meeting Minutes

April 2014 Council Meeting

12-13th April 2014

Sudima Hotel, Christchurch

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At the Council meeting in Christchurch over weekend 12.13 April 2014 Council passed the following amendment utilising Article 30.3. This will be ratified at the A.G.M in July.

Article 25.2 is amended to as follows:

ADD at the end of 2.

Little Horse – measures more than 38 inches but not more than 42 inches in height.

Height Limitations – at no time should a miniature or little horse remain registered with the Association if its height measured at the base of the last true hair of the mane whilst standing squarely on a level surface exceed 42 inches.

The following will apply: ·

All horses that fall into this category are permitted entry under existing NZMHA rules.
Height for age will be 4 inches more than the current height for age for Category B miniature horses.
An amnesty for all previously revoked horses to be upgraded, without incurring the late filing fee for all categories will remain open until 31 March 2015.

December 2013 Council Meeting

14th - 15th December

Brentwood Hotel, Wellington

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Download: Update from December 2013 Council Meeting (added 15/12/2013)
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August 2013 Council Meeting

August 24-25

Jet Park Hotel, Auckland
Start time 9.30am

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Download: Update from August 2013 Council Meeting (added 26/8/2013)
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July 2013 Council Meeting

Download: Update from July Council Meeting/AGM
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2013 Annual general meeting

Download: 2013 AGM Programme
Download: 2013 Membership Questionaire

Remit results The following remits passed: 1, 4 and 8

April 2013 Council Meeting

20th - 21st April 2013

Sudima Grand Chancellor Hotel, Christchurch Airport

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Download: Newsflash from Council (added 22/04/2013)